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Meet The Youth Pastors

(FYI – not a couple lol. Someone asked)

Rob Miller

Rob is passionate about the manifest presence of God! His faith for the miraculous is contagious! Rob’s life was forever changed as a young adult in a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit in 2004 at a youth conference in Toronto. Since then he has made a beautiful family grounded in God with his wife Jen and four incredible children. His true desire is to see revival come to to Stratford and for the fire and love of God to move on youth and young adults here and around the world! It is his honour to serve as a senior youth leader at Jubilee Stratford. You can also catch him hosting some of our Sunday services.

Katelyn Biehn

Katelyn Biehn has a deep longing and desire to see this next generation on fire for God. From a young age Katelyn gave her life to God and found a connection through worship and music. At the age at 4 she picked up the drums and started to play on worship teams at just 7 years old. Today she is a multi-instrumentalist and regularly leads worship here on Sunday mornings. Her passion, influence and dedication to the youth is inspiring. As an optimistic and energetic young female the youth easily engage and transform their lives based on the authentic personal connection they find with God during youth group.

A Generation Like No Other.

We are here for youth to encounter the Holy Spirit, build relationship with other youth and to have fun! We desire to see youth thriving with a vibrant relationship with God, and equipped to share His Kingdom to those around them.

Authentic Relationship

We encourage our youth to decide for themselves they want Jesus and allow them to create a relationship with Him growing into their own testimony of faith. God wants a deep, personal relationship with each of us and is always available with open arms no matter where we are at in life. 

Identity & Love

As you are growing up, discovering who you are and your place in the world, we feel it’s important to prioritize pouring the love, life and Word of God into you. We truly find our identity in and through God, our purpose and gifts, and a love that can only be found through Jesus.

We would be happy to pray for you.

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