Children’s Ministry

A place of pure creativity, love, and excitement for Jesus!

Stephen & Tricia Preston

Children & Family Pastors

Stephen and Tricia love community! Healthy community to them means kids and families are growing in their love for God and each other, and then equipped to share that love to those around. They love everything creative and wacky, musical and artistic, fun and life-giving! With their passion and excitement for creativity, children and Jesus they make amazing and the most entertaining and loving children and family pastors. They have three awesome kids of their own.

Families at Jubilee Stratford church. Mom holding child.

No One Is Too Young.

Children have a special place in God’s heart. The innocence, curiosity, and eagerness bring an excitement and element of joy to God. We believe that anyone can encounter and foster a relationship with Jesus starting at any age. We instill the Father heart of God, and our Core Values of Presence, Empowerment, Transformation & Love to our kids. During children’s ministry we teach on the prophetic, healing, the importance of prayer, the Holy Spirit and the loving God we serve.


Steve and Trish have a passion for creativity and allowing children to learn about and worship God through the arts. From crafts and painting to creative song and music there is no lack of opportunity.

Family Focused.

Jubilee values families and the authentic dynamics that they bring to the Church. Babies to young adults there is a place for all and each and every one is valued and welcomed with open arms.

Exciting Events.

With a focus on the arts and Jesus there is no lack of excitement. Find connection, love and support in your child’s creativity here through various events held over the course of the year!

We would be happy to pray for you.

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