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wire sculpture with james paterson

Join acclaimed artist James Paterson for an immersive wire sculpture workshop! Explore the medium of working with wire to build 2 and 3 dimensional art objects; some static, some kinetic that will spark your imagination in ways you may have never considered before. You will learn basic wire bending and twisting techniques to create a masterpiece like you never thought possible. Bring any pliers or bending tools you have of your own if you wish. Protective eyewear is a good idea if you don’t already wear glasses as are thin work gloves. You will get your hands dirty and there may be blood!

Acrylic PAINTING with steve tracy

In this workshop, Steve will be teaching us how to create a piece of art with “Wall Power!”  His concept of design bypasses any prerequisites to have had any art training or to feel you have talent! This is revolutionary in that you will learn how to create powerful, artistic vision by applying his simple yet profound tutorial, with examples by the masters in art galleries around the world.

songlabs with Katelyn Biehn

In this exciting workshop you will be empowered to create songs, in collaboration, that have strong melody, powerful lyrics, and great composition.  Throughout the workshop, we’ll learn tools and tips to aid you in your songwriting, discover your songwriting strengths,  and join in the wonderful and often underused tool of collaboration with others. We’ll also talk about music production tips, and the role of music in worship and culture. Our goal is to provide a supportive and creative environment where musicians of all levels can come together to learn, share ideas, and collaborate. 

writing with alanna rusnak

Using the story of her own journey, Alanna will share the freedom she found in accepting her call to pursue a creative life and learning to live with a ‘recklessly creative’ attitude.

Tune out the voices that tell you writing (or art of any kind) is frivolous and chase after the thing you’re meant to be doing. Through guided exercise, discussion, and reflection, this workshop will help you take those first steps towards your creative goals and accepting that we were all created to create!

(The final hour will contain a dedicated focus on writing, exploring the nuance of “voice” and how your own uniqueness makes you the perfect candidate to share the story that’s on your heart.)

Self-Portraits with tricia Preston

A journey of Acrylic painting of Self: Looking Through the Fathers eyes!

Say Cheese!!!! We will be snapping a close up of you and printing it out. Tracing the lines of your face on canvas, you will learn how to apply colour to bring shading and light to your features. This is a reflective workshop of discovering God’s heart for you. As you study your face and how you were created, you will have times to ask questions to the Lord about the way he crafted you! Discover more of the beauty that lays beneath you as you paint you!!!

Prophetic art with amani hanson

Learn to partner with Holy Spirit to communicate his voice through painting and speak to hearts beyond words.  In this workshop you’ll discover how to practice the Presence of God while you create, learn how to render a painting from start to finish, and uncover how to emerge as a prophetic artist.

We would be happy to pray for you.

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