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mike frank

Mike Frank lives in Santa Rosa Beach Florida with his wife Robbie. They have been married for over 46 years. For the first half of his career, Mike was a senior level executive with General Mills, Pepsico and The Walt Disney Company. He then helped build MFS Communication, and then became a CoFounder of Level 3 Communications. From 2009 to 2016, Mike and Robbie lived in Redding California where Mike completed his book Prosperity with Purpose and founded the Shasta Angel Group for entrepreneurs SAGE. Today, Mike is the chairman of the GTA Development Fund in Hawaii, where Hawaii centric movies are made. Over the years, Mike has served as a board member for various for profit and nonprofit organizations (such as IHOP, YWAM, Jesus Culture, Hope Center for Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Santa Barbara Rescue Mission). Mike’s also a speaker, advisor and consultant to many CEO’s/Executive Directors. Mike is an avid reader, golfer and outdoorsman and a community leader.

Robbie frank

Robbie, who is married to Mike, has always had a heart for inner healing and emotional wholeness. She has pursued many modalities of healing such as RTF, Emmanuel Prayer, Sozo, and she actively helps other people get free from grief, sorrow and being stuck. She’s been a ministry student at IHOP, Bethel, and Charis. Robbie is also passionate about intercession, speaking and an author. In recent years Robbie has been pursuing a greater measure of physical healing as well. She has been diagnosed with cancer twice but believes that God wants you well! She has been a trusted advisor for her husband Mike for crisis pregnancy centers in Santa Barbara and Omaha, mentored women at the Rescue Mission in Santa Barbara, and a home church leader and is pursuing becoming ordained as a pastor. Her favorite interests are writing, long walks in nature, especially the beach, and family.

scott coats

Scott is a husband, father, missionary, singer songwriter and artist. He and His wife, Kaisa have served with several ministries over the years including local churches, youth movements, traveling tent revivals and more. Currently they live in Nashville, Tennessee, where they are pioneering a YWAM base called “Fire and Fragrance” in the heart of downtown Nashville. Scott is also currently the Worship Pastor at The Gate Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Art has always been a part of Scott’s life; however, it remained relatively dormant for many of the years that were more deeply entrenched in music. In 2020 he had a bit of an internal renaissance that brought his love of art back to the foreground. Today He loves to teach on all things creativity and Kingdom; with the heartbeat of raising up the next generation of creatives while awakening the church at large to a creative life in the spirit.

james paterson

James Paterson has spent most of his life as an Artist and all his life as an “Imagineer,” creating and implementing the ideas originating deep within his heart and imagination. Born in Saskatchewan, he grew up in the culturally diverse and visually textured Kensington Market neighborhood of Toronto. He received his BFA (hons.) from the University of Waterloo, and taught art for a brief time at the elementary and high school level before pursuing art full time in 1988. He likes to approach his art with a simple sense of wonder, creating objects that give expression to mystery revealing the redemptive nature of God in the world. He created the Bible series of paintings and ‘Jim’s Grandiose Big Bible Picture Book’ to introduce people to the Bible and its truths in a whimsical, creative, and thoughtful way and to show how Jesus is the golden thread that runs through the entire narrative. He’s spent the past few years building the Prayer Machine and Engines of Joy series. Out of that series has come the Storytelling Machine and the accompanying children’s picture book, Saturday Morning. He’s been privileged to show his art pieces across Canada, the United States, in Europe and Asia where his pieces are part of private, public, and corporate collections.

Steve Tracy

Steve Tracy is an internationally-acclaimed, Emmy-award winning artist collected all over the globe. He is most recognized for his Extreme Skiers and Canadian Landscapes and has mastered a wide variety of styles. Steve studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol in Soho. He went on to graduate from the Colorado Institute of Fine Art furthering his studies in sculpting, design, drawing, illustration and commercial art. Steve also studied printmaking at California’s Kala Art Institute and was a member of the Denver Art Student League for many years, as both a student and an instructor. Steve paints a variety of genres but has become particularly well recognized for his Canadian landscapes and for his sports collections including his Extreme Skiers. Steve’s versatile body of work is recognizable by its vibrant palette and specialized technique. His infamous landscapes are largely inspired by the Canadian Masters such as Jack Chambers and the “Group of Seven.”

amani hanson

Amani Hanson is an acrylic painter living in Northern California with her husband and two kids. She began painting over 15 years ago as a prophetic artist and has continued to develop her skills and art career through the years. Amani is passionate about co-creating with Holy Spirit, and translating God’s heart into her artwork. Amani’s paintings most often include a theme of beauty from ashes, healing and freedom. 

alanna rusnak

Alanna Rusnak, is an author, publisher, and creative mentor who lives on a small patch of untamable land in small town Ontario with her three children, husband, and a vintage van she’s far too excited about. Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and chocolate, she writes fiction and creative non-fiction from within her tiny study. She is the owner and mind behind Chicken House Publishing, with over eighteen years of design experience, a powerful understanding of publishing technology, a passionate love for stories, and a desire to make dreams come true.

stephen & tricia Preston

Stephen & Tricia Preston are creative entrepreneurs (Social Art, Funtastical Studios) and children’s pastors (Jubilee Stratford). They have captivated audiences in schools, libraries and churches using story, art, and music. They have also facilitated numerous art camps, workshops, and schools. Tricia’s whimsical visual creations inspire communities of artists and her art marries perfectly with Stephen’s music and humorous poetry to foster an atmosphere of fun and joy!  Together, they love to empower people to live creatively, build creative community, and teach people how to co-create with God the Father

katelyn Biehn

Katelyn Biehn is a Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her distinct sound originates from her love of rhythm and creates a striking musical experience that is both relatable and unique. Katelyn’s compelling melodies are full of energy and her beautifully textured voice captures her listeners attention. She has studied vocals with Grammy nominated vocal coach Mama Jan.  At the age of 17 she traveled to Nashville and recorded her first single ‘Spark’, and shortly after, her EP ‘Ready.’ She’s also written and recorded songs with Catch the Fire Music.

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