Trevor & Lesley Biehn

Trevor and Lesley Biehn

Trevor & Lesley Biehn, after being associate leaders to Jerry Steingard for a year, were commissioned as Jubilee Stratford’s new Senior Leaders August 21st, 2016, by Jerry and the Jubilee eldership as well as John Arnott, our apostolic father of PIH. This big step was unanimously supported by both Partners in Harvest and the Jubilee family! Jerry Steingard has stayed on as half-time “advisory leader”, with Trevor. The Biehns have brought fresh vision and a new passion to move forward into all that God has for Jubilee. The church has seen many changes to its infrastructure under their leadership, including fresh updates to the building, leadership team changes, name change to “Jubilee Stratford”, and adjustments to the core values and vision of Jubilee. There is an incredible excitement in the air as Trevor and Lesley lead us into expanding in evangelism, bringing back some of the founding values and helping the community of Jubilee work to their full potential in their God-given talents and gifts. Trevor has an incredible vision to see the prophetic words spoken over Jubilee come to pass and to see her thrive and function in what God has called her to. It is truly a remarkable time in our history as we look forward to all that God has for us!


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