Jerry & Pam – Return of the Jedi

Jerry and Pam Steingard

Jerry & Pam returned to Stratford in May, 2012 to be closer to their family, after three years at the retreat centre and ten years leading a Partners in Harvest network of house churches in Barrie. Attending Jubilee with their children provided a much-needed sabbatical from pastoring and enabled Jerry to finish writing his first book as well as research and write a second book on the 20-year history of the Toronto Blessing, with John Arnott. By October of 2013, it became clear that the Lord was calling Jerry to return to pastoring at Jubilee – first as interim leader, then, in the summer of 2014, as senior leader. Jerry brought incredible stability and wisdom to the community at Jubilee, and modeled the apostolic core values of the Kingdom of Heaven. His teaching, preaching and gentle Father heart brought incredible restoration to the body and it was a time of the plans, purposes and destiny over Jubilee to come full-circle. Jerry’s leadership during this time paved the way for an incredible new season to come.


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